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Our New Pet Pictures

September 30, 2015 | by VMA Staff


 Milo Steiner 5-8-15Layla Sowa  5-6-15Emmy Rice 05-02-15Cadence Neylan 5-8-15Bella Hackbarth 5-1-15


Summer Travel with Your Pet

Summer travel plans often include bringing your pet along.  Make certain all vaccinations are up to date.  A current health and rabies certificate is often required by airlines.  Having your pet microchipped will help to be reunited if the unfortunate situation would happen that your pet becomes lost.



Parvo Vaccination Info


Welcome to our Website

We have upgraded our site with a new look and additional functions. We hope that you enjoy the improvements and that you visit often. We will be busy keeping our information and posts fresh and interesting. We welcome your comments and any suggestions as we continue to develop this source of useful information and hope that you have an enjoyable user experience.

Pet Safety for Warm Weather

Everyone enjoys spending time outdoors during the summer months.  Keep in mind, warm temperatures can be dangerous to our pets.   Pets can suffer from dehydration and heat stroke if overexposed to the heat.  Be sure your pet has access to an area in the shade and provide plenty of fresh, cool water.  However during extremely hot temperatures, it is best to keep your pet indoors.