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Coronavirus Update

March 24, 2020 | by Digerati Partners

During this time of stress and uncertainty, we at Veterinary Medical Associates want you to know we are currently open to serve our clients and address any of your pet’s urgent needs. We are still accepting new patients, and if needed, we will temporarily waive our requirement for full medical records.

At this time we are considered an essential service and will remain open unless legislation directs us to close. In order to maintain required social distancing, you have the option of bringing your pet to the front door and then handing the pet over to a technician, or, you may come into the clinic, be placed in a room and then give the pet to a technician. Either way, the veterinarian will perform the examination in a separate area. The history/complaint and subsequently the examination findings and treatment options will be discussed after the exam either in the clinic or over the phone if you prefer to stay in your vehicle. If you feel ill, please stay home. A friend or family member can transport your pet and the questions and treatment options can be discussed over the phone.

Purchase of medications and pet food can continue as usual provided that the required social distance is maintained in the hospital. If you prefer not to enter the hospital, you may call us upon arrival and the items can be placed outside the front door or brought to your vehicle. We can also take your credit card payment over the phone. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we strive to keep ourselves, our clients and pets happy and healthy.

Traveling with Your Pet

Travel plans often include your pet.  Make certain all vaccinations are up to date.  A current health and rabies certificate is often required by airlines.  Having your pet microchipped will help to be reunited if the unfortunate situation would happen that your pet becomes lost.  Traveling can also be very stressful.  Discuss different options with the veterinarian to help your pet remain calm while traveling.



Heartworm Protection

Heartworm disease affects pets everywhere.  The best way to protect your pet is to prevent heartworm disease.  Discuss with your pet’s veterinarian the best heartworm prevention for your pet.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Protecting your pet from fleas and ticks is about protecting your pet’s health.  Ask your pet’s veterinarian which product would provide the best protection for your pet.