A Look Inside Our Hospital

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Reception and Waiting Area
Upon entering the Veterinary Medical Associates, you will be greeted by our receptionists. We maintain a clean and comfortable setting for our patients and their owners.  After initial paperwork is completed, you will be met by one of our technicians or a doctor for your pet’s scheduled appointment.

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Exam and Consultation Rooms 
You will meet with the doctor and technician for a preliminary examination and assessment of your pet’s medical needs in one of our exam rooms. We have several rooms available to assure that each patient and owner has individual attention when discussing the needs of their animal.

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Veterinary Medical Associates maintains a full service laboratory for the examination and assessment of blood, urine, fecal, tissue, etc. samples. We also culture bacteria and other organisms used to determine treatments for our animal patients.


This busy area of our hospital is where patients are prepared for surgery and all dental procedures performed.

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We are proud to say that we have one of the finest and best equipped surgical departments in our area. We routinely undergo major and minor procedures on animals. Please see our surgery section on the Services Page for more details.


X-Ray and Ultrasound 
In our x-ray and ultrasound area we are able to provide additional diagnostic services to better treat your animal. For additional information about our x-ray and ultrasound capabilities, please see our services area of the site.

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Veterinary Medical Associates offers boarding as a service to our clients on a reservation basis. Our indoor kennels are in a large heated/air-conditioned and well-ventilated area of our hospital.  Pets are furnished with their own individual accommodations.  A padded absorbent blanket is placed in the kennel and changed as needed.  Veterinary trained personnel exercise dogs at least twice daily (including Sundays) on a leash in our large yard.  All pets are closely monitored for any health problems that may occur while boarding.  Any concerns are immediately brought to the attention of one of our veterinarians and addressed as deemed appropriate.