Veterinary Medical Associates is dedicated to provide a standard of excellence in Veterinary dentistry.


Scaling and polishing of teeth is a routine part of our dental program. Advances in veterinary dentistry pursued by our hospital include:
• Utilization of state-of -the-art ultrasonic scaler which will not cause damage to the tooth surface.
• Utilization of air driven dental equipment either to polish healthy teeth to a smooth surface or to assist in the extraction of an unhealthy abscessed tooth.
• Utilization of dental techniques and appropriate dental instruments which will cause the least amount of tissue damage and post dental discomfort to the pet and give the best results.
• Utilization of appropriate pain control during and after each procedure.
• Utilization of appropriate dental products during and after the dental procedure to keep the mouth healthy.
• Development of dental radiology to better evaluate the health status of each tooth during each dental procedure.
• The pursuit of continuing education in the field of dentistry by all staff members.

Before Cleaning
Before Cleaning
After Cleaning
After Cleaning