Veterinary Medical Associates is a full-service diagnostic facility designed to provide comprehensive, accurate information on the status of your pet’s health. Our inventory of in-house diagnostic equipment is quite complete making the rational selection of diagnostic tests, the appropriate interpretation of the test results with clinical findings, and the institution of effective medical and surgical therapy possible in a very timely manner. Whenever further interpretation and consultation is needed, our telemedicine capabilities can give us access to specialists in different fields. Our in-house diagnostic equipment includes:


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Direct Digital Radiography System featuring 16 bit image processing resolution. Crystal clear images are displayed in approximately 4 seconds after exposure. Radiographs can easily be downloaded to a CD-Rom for our clients and also easily sent using internet telemedicine to board certified radiologists for further interpretation if needed.


 Lisa running bloodwork3 lab6 Ann Marie at microscope2 lab2a





Automated blood analyzer for CBC, chemistries, electrolytes, blood gases, cortisol levels and thyroid levels. Incubators and accessories for bacterial cultures and sensitivity testing. Microscopes for in-house cytology of blood, tissues, fecal analysis, urinalysis, and bacteriology. Microscope eye piece camera for telemedicine.

Diagnostic Systems

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EKG (in-house and transtelephonic), Blood pressure (continuous and diagnostic), Pulse oximetry (continuous and diagnostic) Tonometer (measures eye pressure quickly and easily).

Ultrasound Machine

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Two separate handpieces and four transmitting frequencies to allow ultrasounding of all animal sizes. Computerized image capture for diagnostic review and telemedicine. Color Flow Mapping to observe and diagnose blood flow concerns of the heart and blood vessels. B mode and M mode for imaging and measurement of cardiac structures.