The Veterinary Medical Associates is committed to providing surgical services in a very professional and competent manner. In addition to neutering, ovariohysterectomy and declawing, a wide range of soft tissue and orthopedic surgical procedures are performed.

Our commitment is to maintain a standard of excellence in all aspects of surgical principles. These standards include:
• Maintaining a modern, clean, well-equiped surgical suite.
• The use of materials and instruments which give the optimum benefit to the patient for the procedure being performed.
• Following recommended guidelines for the sterilization of reuseable equipment and materials.
• Referring surgical procedures to a boarded specialist whenever necessary.


surg table and monitors

 Due to advances in the technology of laser surgery, the Veterinary Medical Associates utilizes a laser surgical unit for nearly all surgeries. Using a laser to perform surgery provides significant benefits for your pet. These benefits include:

• Little or no blood loss because the laser seals small blood vessels.
• Little or no swelling because the laser seals the lymphatic vessels.
• Less post-operative pain because the laser seals the nerve endings.
• The laser allows for precision removal of tissue, usually decreases the surgical time required, vaporizes small growths, and may decrease recovery time.



sur5 spay surgery 3 spay laser 2b

The surrounding photos show our laser unit in action. Upper left photo shows the laser control panel which regulates and displays laser levels. Upper right shows Dr. Munson making a precision incision during a surgical procedure. Lower photo shows the technician attending patient with entire laser unit in the foreground.