Dear Dr. Munson and Staff:

I would like to thank you all and convey my deep gratitude for the care and kindness you extended to my dog Brownie and me throughout his life. If I was lucky with Brownie, whose extensive pedigree included no information on his penchant for foot-warming, I was equally fortunate to have stumbled on to your practice when we moved to the area in 2000 – probably through the antediluvian technology of a yellow pages search. I think that over the years we had a chance to meet just about everyone. I trusted you all and never had any reservations about anything that occurred before, during, or after a visit. A person would be wise not to expect that in all of his or her dealings with the world, but it was nice to know I could expect it from you. The flower and card that we received yesterday was very touching, indeed, and just reinforces all that I have said so far.

It only occurred to me in the examining room after Brownie was taken to have the catheter placed in his foreleg that the day before had been Brownie’s birthday. He made it to 14 and had only a few rough hours at the end, which thought has been comforting over the last week.

I hope the new year brings fulfillment and continued service to others. You probably don’t realize how large a presence each of you has been in the lives of the people you see every day.


David Mihalyi


I can’t say enough about the professionals at the Veterinary Medical Associates! I consider myself so fortunate to have been able to take my pets to them for so many years. I have had an assortment of pets with a variety of different medical situations and all were handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Starting with the office staff, to the technicians, and to the veterinarians, follow-thru in resolving each medical condition has always been top notch and gives me great peace of mind.

I am aware that in this day and age many people are looking for ways to save money. I know there are veterinary practices in this area that offer certain services at a lower cost than the Veterinary Medical Associates. I have friends that have done just this. However, I also listen to their myriad of complaints ranging from cleanliness to follow-up care, from knowledge of staff to available diagnostic equipment; and finally, just lack of interest from staff in treating their pet. I keep asking them, “Is this worth saving $10 or $20? This will affect your pet’s quality of life!” I’d rather see my pet enjoy a healthy life and live to a ripe old age than to save a couple of dollars. Once you experience the treatment and care from the staff at Veterinary Medical Associates, you’ll never want to look elsewhere.

I may spend a little more money taking my pets to the Veterinary Medical Associates, however, I get a highly trained staff which is always knowledgeable in the newest procedures and maladies, the most up to date diagnostic equipment to evaluate my pet’s health concern, and I know my pet is monitored to the highest standards when surgery is necessary; I get a clean and inviting waiting area with spotless exam rooms; and I get phone calls from my veterinarian when he or she tells me they will call. I can also call the office staff with a question or concern and receive an immediate response or should my question need a little research, I know I will get a response back as soon as possible. If my pet would have a medical issue needing to be referred to a specialist, I know I’ll be referred to a top notch veterinary medical specialist in the field. Veterinary Medical Associates works together with specialists when needed to help continue the quality of life for my pet.

I believe a marker of a good employer is staff retention. My friend has said that when she visits her veterinary hospital, there is always someone different at the reception desk that is not very competent or skilled and the veterinarians along with the technicians always seem to change. No one knows her pet and she has problems getting answers for her questions. They don’t seem to care. At the Veterinary Medical Associates, I have seen very little staff change over the years. From time to time someone new will enter the practice. The staff is trained impeccably and knows and cares about my pets as they have with other clients. I would rather see an employee be paid a better wage which means better qualifications and experience and better training. Think of how nice it is when we visit a physician that actually knows us and cares about our health. I don’t mind paying a little extra for this kind of care.

Finally, for the care and treatment I have received over the years and in very difficult situations, I could not have asked for a better staff. If you care about your pet’s quality of life, you couldn’t choose a better veterinary practice than Veterinary Medical Associates, Inc.

Denise Kunz-Greenfield